FESTIVAL AREA RV, BUS and Auto PARKING Parking List for 2017.

Information is subject to change. Should you have questions please call 318-652-7078.

All spaces in the downtown area are for self-contained units only.

Corner lot of Church Street & Third Street – One street over from parade route. For reservations (on December 2nd) call (318) 357-2220. Reservations may be made starting mid-September.

411 2nd Street – First United Methodist Church. Self-contained RV’s only – $150 Reservations required. Call 318.652.7078 for reservations

508 Second Street – First Baptist Church – RV, Bus and Auto Parking – Call Laura at 318.352.3737 for reservations.

Lot off Washington Street & Texas Street – Self-contained only. Price $80 for all day. Reservations required. Can pay in advance but must be paid by 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 2nd. For reservations call Ty Freeman at (318) 332-1099.

Corner of Keyser Avenue & Williams Avenue – Self-contained RV’s only. Price $65 for the weekend (Fri-Sat). Reservations required. Call Tommy Steel at (318) 527-9952 or (318) 352-6044.

For Festival Day ONLY  – Designated Handicap parking will be located in the City Hall Parking Lot at 700 Second Street. ONLY vehicles with a handicap mirror tag or license plate will be allowed to park in the lot. An attendent will be on site.

Shuttle Service will not be available this year.